You face life with expectancy

Expect it all. Expect to be impressed – from an architectural point of view, from a convenience point of view, from a comfort, location, investment, this-is-the-way-of-the-future point of view.

Shakespeare Place is modern urban luxury living. Eight floors of opulence. Organic. Sleek. Different. The style is a bold step away from the traditional. There is a play on textures. There is light. And there is shadow. But mostly there is space, an airy ambience filling the 50m²-60m², opening up to magnificent North-facing views, letting the city inside, showing off its star attributes.

Set in the heart of Jozi’s Financial District, Shakespeare Place is centrally located – to the city, to the highways, to the airport. Easily accessible from all sides, it runs rings around suburban living. No more traffic jams in the morning and at night. No more rushing. No more hassle. No more problem.