Extract from Urban Ocean Newsletter - August 2004

  1. Sales Update
  2. Sale Agreements
  3. Construction News
  4. Celebrities
  5. Fit Outs
  6. Contact Details
   1. Sales Update:
Congratulations once again on your purchase at The Franklin. The JHB Financial District is back with a bang and is taking its rightful place amongst the great cities of the world where city living is fast becoming the TRENDIEST WAY TO LIVE! The more than R3 billion that will be invested here by government over the next five years in preparation for the 2010 Soccer World Cup will contribute to see this magnificent city BLOOM into an INVESTMENT GEM for those of us who got in first!
Sales at The Franklin have moved briskly since the launch only a few weeks ago and at the time of writing this newsletter, only five apartments remain available for sale in Phase Two (floor 14 & 15) that was released at the launch evening. If you have friends interested, please send them NOW, as floors 16 & 17 will only be released later in the year at considerably higher price levels. Only very few Type E penthouse apartments in Phase One are still available at the time of writing. These were only recently released as it took some time to establish that a balcony with huge sliding doors could be fitted to these two-bedroomed penthouses with 127 sq.m of internal space! Ranging from R665 000 for the shell, these penthouse apartments now offer SUPERB value for the astute investor because of the low rate per square meter (still the old prices), the large space and balcony with the potential for huge sliding doors.
   2. Sale agreements:
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Those purchasers who were early buyers at The Franklin and secured their apartment by means of acquiring an Option If you have not yet responded to Cliff Dekker, indicating your intention to exercise the Option by entering into the resultant Sale Agreement, you have until 17 August before your Option lapses. PLEASE TAKE URGENT ACTION!! Also, please remember to send the signed addendum to the Agreements by that date as well. PLEASE attend to this as a matter of extreme urgency. The contact at Cliffe Dekker is Lucia Erasmus, and she can be reached at 011 290 7000 or fax 011 290 7300.
   3. Construction news:
If you have visited the building recently, you would have noticed that the interior demolition work has almost been completed and construction is well underway. You will be required to sign in at reception in future and to wear a hard hat when visiting your apartment.
  • The first phase comprises 76 luxury apartments and penthouses covering floors 8-13.
  • The gym and wellness center and conference facility form a part of the First Phase and should be operational when the first purchasers move into their apartments.
  • Construction of the First Phase has commenced, the prime contractor having taking possession of the site in July.
  • We envisage that all the shell units for the First Phase will be completed by November 2004.
  • The first transfers of shell apartments are likely to take place in December 2004 or January 2005.
  • The internal fit out contractor for the First Phase is scheduled to start late January 2005 and estimated completion is May 2005.
   4. Celebrities:
A few celebs have already bought at The Franklin, showing how HOT this property really is! Randall Cunningham is to American Football what Michael Schumacher is to Formula One Grand Prix and he owns a luxury apartment on the 16 th floor! (ask any of your American friends whether they know Randall Cunningham - the legendary quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles). Other celebs include Ashley Taylor (actor of the Outsurance TV commercials and presenter of the new TV hit series, “The Block” which will start on SABC within the next few weeks) and a few other HOT personalities, who prefer to remain anonymous at this stage - but you'll soon start seeing them around The Franklin!
   5. Fit outs:
Here’s the news we’ve all been waiting for:

As from 23 August 2004 you will be contacted by the sales team to firm up on your choice of finishes for your Franklin apartment. Urban Ocean will offer three typical fit-out choices, namely:

a) Superior finish: As per the award-winning Stefan Antoni show apartment currently on the 13 th floor of The Franklin.

b) Executive finish: As per the Stefan Antoni show apartment, but with slightly smaller travertine tiles (45cm X 45cm instead of 60cm X 60cm), Granite instead of the very expensive Marble used in the show apartment, carpets instead of Solid Oak on the bedroom landing and a few smaller detail changes.

c) De Luxe finish: As per the Stefan Antoni show apartment, but with different ceiling detail, carpet instead of Solid Oak on the bedroom landing, Granite instead of Marble, High Gloss colour cupboards instead of the Taupe stained maple of the show apartment and a few smaller detail changes.

You STILL have the choice of doing the fit-out yourself, but may find it much more convenient (and most probably cheaper!) to have it done at the same time as all the other purchasers.

Here are some of the benefits of having the fit-out done by the construction team currently on site:

i) It is a turnkey solution – removing all the hassle. The team will do project management, have accountability and have responsibility, ensuring that your apartment is done within the specifications required as per Agreement.

ii) The administration will be done on your behalf – the team will submit plans to the relevant authorities for approval, formulate the safety & health plans on your behalf and secure building insurance and liability, etc.

iii) Finance - if you are looking for securing a bond over the shell, the bank may require you to have a fit-out Agreement in place in order to qualify for a bond.

iv) As a result of the bulk-buying capacity of the contractor, you may find it to be considerably cheaper to have the fit-out done by them whilst they are on site.
   5. Contact Details:
Mazzanine Level
77 Comissioner Str
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0) 11 838 9879

Fax: +27 (0) 11 838 9876


Alfonso Botha  :: alfonso@urbanocean.co.za

Duan Coetzee :


Katy Essa :: 083 123 4567
                 :: katy@urbanocean.co.za


Gerda Kenyon  :: gerda@urbanocean.co.za
   Thank You
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

Yours in the New Urban Wave


77 Commissioner Street
Johannesburg Financial District

Extract from Urban Ocean Newsletter - June 2004

Show Launch

Urban Ocean is planning a grand-scale function on the 24th of June to launch a fully fitted and furnished Stefan Antoni designed show apartment at The Franklin. If you have bought or would like to invest at The Franklin, please R.S.V.P. to attend the launch of the show apartment by mailing katy@urbanocean.co.za. The event promises to be something out of this world and will be attended by a number of celebs, the press and a television crew. There are still a number of first phase apartments left at the old prices, so be sure to bring your cheque book!

Sales Update:

The first phase of The Franklin has been released to the public earlier this year and, as you are no doubt aware, the response has been overwhelming. At the launch weekend most of the apartments launched were either sold or reserved. Our sales staff were caught unaware by the levels of response and we would like to apologize to those investors who went to the trouble of coming to the show office but did not receive the attention they deserved from our sales team.

Urban Ocean did not release the “Type E” apartments during the launch because we had some challenges with regard to the current air-conditioning system which occupies the proposed balcony area of these apartments. Stefan Antoni Architects have now resolved these issues and the “E” apartments will now be released. These are undoubtedly the prime apartments boasting 127sq.m internal space. There are two Type E apartments on each floor.

New Development Partners:

A consortium of high profile investors has joined Urban Ocean in the development of The Franklin, bringing further impetus to the tremendous surge of interest in the Financial District of Johannesburg.

The profile of these new development partners further enhance the investment potential that currently presents itself in the Financial District.

Transfer of Building:

We have been experiencing some delays in the transfer of The Franklin from the sellers, Growthpoint Properties, into the development company. By the time you read this newsletter, we should have ownership and possession of the building.


Construction of the show apartments of the Franklin have started and we are on track to complete the first phase within the next few months.

New release

A limited new phase of penthouse apartments will be released at the launch function.